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Archive for the ‘Jill’ Category

You wonderful people, it was such a thrill to see messages from home. Gracious! It made me very teary when I saw them.
Today was a little disappointing because it would be an understatement to say it was pouring & cold. We had planned to have an easy 22 km day, perfect distance & the terrain not to difficult. We opted for a bus & a cab to save our health. It was a National Holiday so the bus lines were behind. Visualize… thirty freezing peregrinos in a bus shelter waiting for a motorized miracle! It came a hour & a half late.
Please read the other messages because the computer time is limited. I will try to send, certainly look for messages when able.
I am keeping notes for each day to match up with my many photos. You can t begin to discribe the beauty.

Love to ALL! Jill

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Hi Girls,

Been thinking about you all day. Lauren and Bob too! And Morgan!!!!!!! I hope he´s eating.

Having a great time. Little bit sore. Walked 30 kms. the first day because Hortensia and I missed the sign to Zubiri. The others stayed at Zubiri but we stayed at a beautiful hotel about 8 kms. further on and waited for them the next morning. It was a great mistake. While they were in an albergue we had showers, baths, beautiful dinner, wine, croissants for breakfast.

No regrets!!!!!!

Love ya,
Talk to you soon!
Mom xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

My name is Jill McVicar, mother of three daughters and married to a wonderful guy. All of them are giving me a guilt free opportunity.

I have made all the necessary purchases to make this trek without being weighed down.

It will be good for me to live so simply. Take each day as it comes. Exert myself physically daily. Relax and sleep well every night.

I am leaving a loving and understanding family at home for 40 days. They are excited for me but not wanting this kind of journey for themselves. Who knows how they will grow on their own.

I became fascinated by my friend Margo’s travels in 2006 to the Camino, never imagining that I would be walking the same roads.