ARTHRITIS IN HANDS. It’s all here!

ARTHRITIS IN HANDS. It’s all here!

hand rheumatoid arthritis

There are many small joints present in hand and wrist, which function together to produce motion. It would be very difficult to perform our daily activities if these joints are affected by arthritis. Arthritis in hand can affect various parts of the hand and wrist. There are multiple causes, which develop arthritis in hand. The cartilage acts as natural shock absorber, which renders a smooth gliding layer for the joint. All the arthritic joints drop off cartilage. It produces synovial fluid in the synovium (joint lining), which strives to behave as a cushion; however, it also induces the joints to swell. This activity limits motion. The swelling stimulates stretching of the capsule (joint covering), which induces pain in the joints. Over a period of time, when the arthritis is not cared for, the bones present in the joint may lose their regular shape. This forces more pain in the joints and it further restricts motion.

Arthritis in hands can be diagnosed by a physician by testing the hand and by taking X-ray. There is another procedure called arthroscopy, by which a physician can view the joint by direct examination.

Arthritis in hands causes inflammation, swelling, stiffness, pain etc. Osteoarthritis – This occurs generally in older people and pain gradually increases over a period of time. The padding or the natural shock absorbers of the hands – the cartilage is affected, causing pain, restricting movements and reducing strength.

Symptoms -

Pain – Initial symptoms include pain in hands with a burning sensation. Pain increases in humid weather and even small activities such as opening a lock or opening a jar in the kitchen are also hampered.

  • Swelling- with pain, if stress continues for a longer period of time, swelling is caused and restricts
  • further joint movement.
  • Stiffness- With persistent pain, the stiffness increases.
  • Warmth- The affected joint may feel warm when touched.
  • Increased mobility of other hands- The hands surrounding the affected one may feel more mobile than normal.
  • Deformity- In advanced stages, continuous swelling may cause shape change. The basic structure of the joint may become weak.

Even the healthy ones have the possibility of suffering from Arthritis in hands.

Below are the symptoms of Arthritis in hands

The pain increases as one continues to move the affected joint. The pain is mostly noticed in the mornings.

* The joint affected will feel warm.

* Joints near the arthritic joint may be affected, they may become move movable than normal, or they may also affected if the hand is not well taken care of.

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